National Encourage a Young Writer Day

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National Encourage a Young Writer Day   By Sharon Schweitzer Encourage a Young Writer Day allows budding and new writers to work on their writing. This day inspires and motivates these emerging writers to follow their passion and to practice their art. In 1987, author Barbara A. Lewis established Encourage a Young Writer Day to [...]

Back to School Success: University Etiquette Edition II 2022

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Photo by Yan Krukov By Sharon Schweitzer Back to School Success: University Etiquette Edition II 2022 4 Methods to Build Professional Rapport to Achieve Success The university process may seem overwhelming – the massive inflow of information, time constraints, and endless course options. Keep in mind that you are not alone [...]

10 Back-to-School Etiquette Tips for Parents 2022

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Photo by Katerina Holmes By Sharon Schweitzer As a parent, it can be tough to see our children head out to yet another year. Regardless of where we are in the process, the struggle is real. Parents, it is time to brush up on your social graces when your student steps [...]

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