Global Leadership 

Global Leadership & Global Competencies Inventory (GCI)

Successful International Assignments from Selection to Repatriation

How do you ensure the right executives are given international assignments that best fit their competencies and showcase your organization’s global standing? Leaving these selections to chance is risky strategy.  As Peter Drucker famously sad “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Sharon Schweitzer is certified and licensed by Aperian Global (formerly Kozai Group) to administer the Global Competencies Inventory (GCI) assessment tool. The results of this assessment, together with the associated personal development plan, provide a top-of-the-line service to assist with international assignments from selection to repatriation. These help to ensure corporate return on investment through assignment success.

Since 1990, Aperian Global has enabled individuals, teams and organizations to work effectively across boundaries. Aperian professionals come from a wide variety of educational and industry backgrounds, countries of origin and cultural heritages. Diversity is one of their greatest assets. Together with our cross-cultural and global leadership, your international candidates receive cross-cultural assessment and training services that are customized for their needs.

  • Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Training for Employees, Expatriates, Foreign Assignees
  • Global Management Training
    – Working Globally
    – Regional & Country Business Briefings
    – Building Intercultural Competence
  • Profile & Assessment Tools & Inventories
    – Employee Development & Selection

Global Talent Management

Developing and nurturing company talent is crucial in our dynamic world economy. We can boost your efforts with:

  • Global Leadership Assessment
  • Global Team Building
  • Global Competencies Inventory (GCI)
    – Employee Development
    – Consulting

Leadership & Sales Team Trainings

When meeting with international leaders or negotiating a major deal, it’s critical to understand the nuances of effective communication. That’s why for your leadership team and marketing and sales personnel, we recommend the following core trainings:

Global Leadership:

Immerse your executive team in a customized coaching experience that will empower them to lead and train teams across the world. Executives will also learn how to effectively manage global customer relationships and build skills in areas such as:

  • Global Competency Inventory
  • Effective Communication & Training Skills
  • International Negotiation Skills
  • Global Collaboration Strategies

International Marketing & Relationships:

Reaching international customers and prospects requires a different communication skill set and a variety of sales styles; different than a customer in the same city. Learn how to navigate these conversations and become a successful global marketer. During this training we’ll cover:

  • Global Competency Inventory
  • Cross-Cultural Sales and Marketing Training
  • Global Sales Coaching
  • Multi-Cultural Customer Service
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Country & Regional Briefings

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