About Access to Culture 

Access to Culture is a cross-cultural business consulting company founded by Sharon Schweitzer in 2006 to assist highly motivated individuals, teams & organizations with finding solutions to their cultural business challenges and strengthening global business relationships. We facilitate leadership development in the borderless workplace by focusing on competencies needed to bridge cultural differences. To begin the process, we use comprehensive, statistically valid self-assessments based on empirical research, including the IDI, GCI, or IES which measure a wide range of competencies. The feedback is discussed and a development plan is created to leverage strengths and address any gaps.

Access to Culture strives to cultivate an awareness of domestic and global cultural differences while fostering an appreciation of diversity. Access to Culture trains current and emerging leaders who seek to understand and strengthen global business relationships. We commit our energy to extending hospitality to international visitors, encouraging citizen ambassadors and sharing knowledge. Access to Culture provides the tools for leaders to develop global acumen, integrity, problem-solving skills, adaptable thinking, cultural competency and intelligence.

Access to Culture is rooted in values that foster trust, inspire respect, enhance understanding, and shape empathetic leaders and organizations to build bridges across cultures.

Our key values are to:

  • Commit to integrity
  • Reduce conflict
  • Encourage diversity
  • Promote internal collaboration
  • Enable transparent decision-making
  • Share resources
Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide LLC BBB Business Review
Sharon Schweitzer was the perfect instructor and etiquette expert. Sharon’s presentations at MD Anderson for our professional development were exceptional. Her warm personality, enthusiasm and passion made the sessions an educational pleasure for our MD Anderson audience. Our professional staff provided overwhelmingly positive feedback, her substantive materials were impressive, and I very much enjoyed working with Sharon. Finally, our other MD Anderson departments have inquired about having Sharon work with their staff. Thank you Sharon for your time and expertise.
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas