Are you prepared for your next meeting with a prospect from China or your biggest customer from Germany? In our global economy, we work hand-in-hand with colleagues and customers across the world.

Led by Sharon Schweitzer, we can create custom training courses to ensure your competitive advantage during cross-border negotiations and business.

Custom Training to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Whether it’s a session specifically tailored for C-level executives working abroad or preparing a team for an international sales meeting, we offer professional development programs that will arm your team with cross-cultural knowledge, simulations and hands-on practice. Over the years, we have trained at all levels, from front-line workers to C-Suite executives in startup ventures and multinational corporations in all industries. Our goal is to leave you with a deeper understanding of cross-cultural best practices.

That’s why we customize our cross-cultural services to meet the needs of your organization. Each engagement begins with an initial assessment and pre-training questionnaire to determine your goals. Then from that communication, we develop a personalized training strategy to guide the professional development program —so you walk away more prepared for your next international business engagement.

Take a deeper dive into one of our training offerings or contact us to create a custom program: