Cross-Cultural Training & International Communications

Cross-Cultural Corporate Training Programs

In an age of decentralized organizations and globally distributed teams, the ability to collaborate cross-culturally is a business imperative. Today’s successful organizations provide the means by which talent–separated not only geographically, but culturally–can be productive and innovative. Don’t leave cross-cultural communication to chance. These training programs pay for themselves many times over by helping to develop employees that are adaptive and flexible enough to work wherever they are required, fitting into new or established teams with ease and confidence.

All Cultural Training Programs are live, in-person events facilitated by Sharon Schweitzer J.D. who is an Intercultural Institute (ICI) and Hofstede Centre certified intercultural trainer. Where appropriate, she is assisted by a country specialist with comparable business experience.

As the development of cultural intelligence and cross-cultural skills is a long term process, our training sessions result in the creation of personal development plans that guide our clients on their journey of continuous learning.

Cross-Cultural Corporate Training Programs

These corporate trainings are interactive, live programs limited to 25-30 participants to encourage maximum interactivity among participants. Training options include:

  • 2-day corporate training programs are live, in-person programs that run for 12-14 hours, providing for cultural assessment, maximum examination of cultural dimensions, strategies, tactics, and the development of immediately implementable cross-cultural best practices.
  • 1-day express programs are live, in-person programs that run for 6-7 hours, providing an overview of business culture, customs and practice. All participants receive a copy of Sharon’s award-winning book Access to Asia.
  • Snapshots are 90-120 minute webinars or live sessions that quickly introduce participants to a range of “access to culture” topics to choose from including: self-assessment, culture components, personal bias, gestures, culture quiz, do’s & taboos.

Program Objectives

  • Increase cultural self-awareness of your own culture and the destination culture.
  • Understand the potential impact cultural bias can have.
  • Gain practical knowledge about how values impact daily business and social behavior.
  • Develop successful methods to adapt communication and work styles for improved effectiveness in business and team settings ( travel, meetings, projects).
  • Cross-cultural tactics to build trust, inspire respect and create long lasting relationships.
  • Personal | Professional Development Plan

Sharon Schweitzer presenting at U.S. Grand Prix Business Preparedness Workshop. Jim Innes photoz

Cross-Cultural Corporate Training Programs
For Expatriates and Their Families

Trainings for Expatriates and Their Families

Group training programs typically run for two to three days, with a maximum of 8 participants. During the program participants experience:

  • Relevant Culture Quiz
  • Self-assessment Profile
  • Cultural Dimensions
  • Communication Techniques
  • Cross-cultural Success Tactics & Best Practices
  • Personal | Professional Development Plan

Options for group training include:

  • 1-day express programs are 6-8 hours in length, providing an overview of crucial daily life and business concerns.
  • Snapshots are webinars or live, in-person sessions that run for 90 or 120 minutes. These taster sessions quickly introduce participants to a range of “access to culture” topics.

Customized Expatriation & Relocation Programs

  • Adjustment Stages
  • Culture Shock
  • Daily Life
  • Work Life
  • Cultural Dimensions
  • Virtual & Personal Communications
  • Negotiations

These customized private programs are designed to meet the specific needs, concerns and experiences of individual employees plus their spouse or partner. Additional family members may also attend, upon request. Customized programs can be delivered in multi-day, 1-day or snapshot formats as described above and can be delivered on-site pre- or post-departure.

Sharon Schweitzer in Beijing, China w/ Madame Nie Meisheng. Photo: Sharon Schweitzer