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My first contact with Sharon was when I opened Blue Byte Software, the US operation of an international software company, based in Austin Texas. Sharon helped me and my company tremendously. She quickly and efficiently helped to help build systems that protected our software company. Her expertise educated me.

I retained Sharon throughout our company’s existence in Austin. Her voice and knowledge was invaluable. Sharon continued to demonstrate exceptional skills while we worked together for several years. She is personable, professional, knowledgeable and very efficient. Sharon is a rare person to find/have as part of, or in addition to, any team.

– Mark R. Hall

Vice-President, Blue Byte Software

Are you a new international resident relocating to Austin or somewhere else in the United States? It can be challenging to establish a home in a new country. Our consulting services can help make the transition smoother and take the guesswork out of an overwhelming process.

Corporate Relocation

Whether you’re relocating to Singapore, moving your family to Zurich, or sending a team of engineers to Nepal, preparing for a large move overseas is no easy feat. Equip for these big life changes through relocation preparation services where we’ll discuss change management, family relocation and successfully living and working worldwide. This service will help you prepare with:

  • Change Management
  • Living & Working Successfully Worldwide
  • Family Relocation
  • Settling-In Services

Destination Services


Sharon Schwe

Photo ©Sharon Schweitzer, Austin, TX USA

When relocating employees and workers from overseas to Austin or Texas, let us help you overcome bureaucratic and logistical hurdles. We’re here to help transferees and their families successfully relocate through consulting and cultural immersion. We can also assist with fulfilling specific requirements by providing information and assistance for housing needs, school selection and immigration paperwork. With our expertise, your employees will experience reduced adjustment time and a smooth transition so they can focus on their job responsibilities and family and be more productive in their new roles.

During your Austin-area orientation, we’ll help you with:

  • Area Tour & Orientation
  • Home Finding
  • School Search
  • Settling-In Services
  • Departure Services

We also assist clients with the following:

  • Expatriate Best Practices
  • Cultural Orientation
  • Immigration Assistance
  • Transfer Services
  • Austin-area Orientation
  • Temporary Corporate Housing
  • Home Location Support
  • Private School Selection Assistance
  • Banking Assistance
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