Modern Manners & Etiquette Training Sessions

Modern Business Etiquette:

business-cardsDid you know that approximately 85% of job success is based on “soft skills,” while only 15% is based on technical knowledge? Whether you’re interacting in the boardroom, online or abroad, effective soft skills will make the biggest impact in your relationship building success. During our Business Etiquette training session, you’ll gain practical knowledge to help you prepare for key interactions with colleagues. You’ll walk away from this session with a deeper understanding of:

  • Making a Memorable Entrance
  • Eye Contact
  • Soft Skills
  • Body Language Basics
  • Introducing Yourself and Your Business Colleagues
  • Proper Response to Business Introductions
  • Breaking into an Existing Conversation
  • Opening & Closing a Business Conversation
  • Forms of Address
  • Remembering Names
  • Business Card Protocol
  • 10 Types of Handshakes
  • Mastering a Professional Handshake
  • Mobile Phone Etiquette

Professional Networking Etiquette:

business-networkingSavvy professionals know that there is a right way to interact with colleagues. Professional Networking Etiquette offers you the power of stress-free positive interactions by teaching the following skills:

  • Preparation
  • Cocktail Hour Savvy
  • Networking Etiquette
  • Acting as an Ambassador
  • How to Enter a Room
  • How to Work the Room
  • Passed Hors d’oeuvres
  • Juggling Acts
  • Buffet and Beverage Tips
  • Appropriate Body Language
  • Opening a Conversation
  • Conversational Topics
  • Closing a Conversation

Take a Deeper Dive

Beyond the essential communications and etiquette training, we also provide more in-depth training on additional business communication topics. From selecting wine, and email etiquette to preparing university students for global careers, you’ll gain deeper insights to feel more comfortable engaging with professionals outside the boardroom.

Modern Dining Manners

Dining Etiquette:


Sharon Schweitzer Modern Table Manners photo from corporate training session

Do you find yourself intimidated by a private dinner at a client’s home with a four-course place setting or a wine list written in a different language? This seminar provides the tools that offer an advantage in crucial offsite meetings and will significantly improve and polish your dining skills. Gain practical knowledge and put into action skills including:

  • Extending the Invitation
  • Guest and Host Duties
  • Navigating the Place Setting
  • Menu Pronunciations
  • American Style Dining
  • Continental Style Dining
  • Silverware Savvy
  • Napkin Awareness
  • Silent Service Codes & Nonverbal Cues
  • Removing Gristle or a Foreign Object
  • Toasting Etiquette: Making & Responding
  • Paying the Bill & Tipping
“Food is part of culture. Worldwide, many business deals are sealed with meals, so know the difference between eating and dining.” –Sharon Schweitzer

Dining & Wine Etiquette:

In the corporate world, introducing wine into a business or social meal adds another dimension. To help facilitate success in this area, we offer consultation including:

  • Toasting Etiquette
  • Wine Etiquette
  • Cocktail Hour Savvy
  • Understanding Stemware
  • Navigating the Complex Wine Setting
  • What to Do When Things Get Bubbly

Email & Social Media Etiquette

workplace-imageWhile email and social media are the heart of our communication in the U.S., it’s essential to be aware of how your online personality comes across to others. Online behavior leaves more than a lasting impression—it leaves a digital imprint. Social media and email interactions can often make or break situations, and practicing proper tech etiquette can help you avoid faux pas through online skill building in areas such as:

Social Media Etiquette:

  • Technology Platforms
  • Privacy
  • Introductions
  • Cyber-Relationships
  • Online Respect
  • What to Post
  • Taming the Online Ego
  • How to Handle Virtual Mistakes
  • Setting Boundaries and Limits

Email Etiquette:

  • Subject Line Importance
  • How to Address Recipients in the U.S. and Abroad
  • Appropriate Tone
  • Finishing Touches
  • Flames & Flame Wars
  • Professional Signatures
  • Appropriate Attachments
  • International Email Guidelines

University & Student Etiquette: Training Tomorrow’s Global Citizens

UT-TowerStudents learn economics, chemistry, psychology, or other core topics while they’re in college, but they must offer more than a degree, and learn fundamental business relationship, international communication and networking skills. Business relationships are developed and maintained in social situations including dinners, luncheons, fundraisers and cocktail parties. We partner with university career services offices to provide numerous resources for students to give them a competitive advantage, including:

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 Job Interviewing & Business Networking


  • Preparation
  • Personal Appearance
  • First Impressions
  • Proper Business Introductions
  • Proper Responses to Business Introductions
  • Remembering Names
  • Proper Handshake and Eye Contact
  • Appropriate Body Language
  • Post-Interview Thank You

University Dining Etiquette Tutorial:


Sharon Schweitzer Modern Dining Manners Photo

  • Receiving Potential Employer Invitations
  • Pre-event Preparation
  • Guest and Host Responsibilities
  • Arrival, Valet & Cloakroom
  • Seating
  • Ordering from the Menu
  • Menu Pronunciations
  • Napkin Awareness
  • Appropriate Dining Topics
  • Handling Accidents and Interruptions
  • Host’s Silent Signals
  • Navigating the Place Setting

International Protocol for University Students:


  • Etiquette and Protocol Intelligence
  • First Impressions and Messages
  • International Rank and Status Awareness
  • Business Card Protocol Outside U.S.
  • Introductions of University & Other Professionals
  • How to Address Others in the Global Arena
  • Eye Signals and Eye Contact Abroad
  • Professional Handshakes
  • Global Communication Styles & Gestures
  • Global Conversation Skills
  • Make an Effective Entrance & Mingle
  • Cultural Awareness Outside U.S.
  • Gift Giving Outside U.S.
  • Strategic Dos and Don’ts for Students
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