Featured Graph: The Individualism Index

In this index, the higher the number, the greater degree of individualism. Countries positioned lower on this index are more focused on making sure that you will be consensus-seeking and team-focused before they commit to doing business with you long-term.


Excerpt from Access to Asia

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Rank No. 1: United States / 91 Index
Rank No. 3: Great Britain / 89 Index
Rank No. 4-6: Canada / 80 Index
Rank No. 33: India / 48 Index
Rank No. 35-37: Japan / 46 Index
Rank No. 54: Malaysia / 26 Index
Rank No. 55-56: Hong Kong / 25 Index
Rank No. 58-63: China / 20 Index
Rank No. 58-63: Singapore / 20 Index
Rank No. 58-63: Thailand / 20 Index
Rank No. 58-63: Vietnam / 20 Index
Rank No. 65: South Korea / 18 Index
Rank No. 66: Taiwan / 17 Index

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  • Values Indicator

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