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National Author’s Day

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National Author’s Day By Sharon Schweitzer The creator of National Author’s Day is still unknown. In 1928, Nellie Verne Burt McPherson, the president of the Bement, Illinois Women’s Club suggested setting aside a day to celebrate American authors. She was a teacher and an avid reader throughout her life. While she was recuperating in the [...]

A Novel Education – E.S. Alexander

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Image: Cover design by Adrian Cheah (Penang) Headshot by Matt Brandon (Penang) October is National Book Month, a month-long celebration that focuses on the importance of reading, writing, and literature. In honor of this important month, it is fitting to invite E.S. Alexander, my co-author for Access to Asia, to return and write [...]

Introducing Intercultural Competence

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Craig Storti, Sharon Schweitzer, and Alex Matveev by Sietar USA This 3-part blog series is a book review of Dr. Alex Matveev’s excellent book  Intercultural Competence in Organizations. Alex and I met during SIETAR USA in 2017 where we were featured as published authors. We immediately felt a Central-Eastern European bond since he [...]

Celebrate National Author’s Day

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Both fiction and nonfiction books have the potential to enrich our personal and professional lives on many levels. Here are five priceless gifts we can thank authors for on this holiday.

Short and Sweet Reads to Enlighten Your Travels Abroad

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Engage your mind on long haul flights. Spice up your travel with any one of these five insightful books to enhance your travel and cultural knowledge worldwide.

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