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Intercultural Etiquette Holiday Guide

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Intercultural Etiquette Holiday Guide     By  Sharon Schweitzer While any time is a good time to show your appreciation for someone who regularly makes your life easier and more enjoyable, the holidays traditionally are the time to express your gratitude in the form of cash or a gift. By no means is holiday tipping [...]

5 Travel Packing Tips for French Wine Country Excursion

By |2018-10-11T14:54:20-05:00August 14th, 2018|Business Etiquette, Career Tips, Cross-Cultural, Cross-Cultural Tips for Doing Business in, Culture, Dining, France, Global Etiquette, Global Tipping, Intercultural, Lifestyle, Travel, Travel Etiquette, Traveling Etiquette, Wine Etiquette|

Oh France! Producer of eight billions bottles and 53 litres of wine per capita a year, France is a wine’s lover dream destination. A plan to visit France and experience its culture is exciting and on many lifetime “must do” lists. So how do you efficiently pack for 80-90 degree days, afternoons in damp [...]

Your First Office Holiday Party: A Survival Guide

By |2018-10-11T14:54:35-05:00November 14th, 2017|Business Etiquette, Career Tips, Dance, Dining, Gala Etiquette, Global Celebrations, Global Tipping, Gracious Living, Holiday Parties, Holiday Season, Lifestyle, Millennials, Modern Manners, Networking, Office Culture, Relationships, Social Etiquette, University Students, Women in Business, Women in the Workforce, Workplace Etiquette|

You’ve learned about exaggerated versions of it via movies and TV, and now it’s your turn to experience it first-hand.

Sharon Schweitzer’s 2017 Holiday Tipping Guide & Checklist

By |2018-11-15T16:18:45-06:00November 8th, 2017|Business Etiquette, Culture, Customer Service Etiquette, Global Etiquette, Global Tipping, Lifestyle, Modern Manners, Social Etiquette|

Drafting your holiday tipping plan can be daunting, but fear not--this guide is thorough enough to help anyone navigate holiday tipping. There’s no hard and fast rule about how much or who to tip in the U.S.

National Coffee Day for Professionals: Cappuccinos, Cortados, and Classic Cups of Joe

By |2018-10-11T14:54:42-05:00September 28th, 2017|Annual Monthly or Day Observance, Business Etiquette, Career Tips, Coffee, Dining, Global Tipping, Gracious Living, International Holidays, Interview Etiquette, Lifestyle, Modern Manners, Networking, Observances - Monthly & Daily, Office Culture, Relationship Building, Social Etiquette, U.S. Holidays, Workplace Etiquette|

Offering quality coffee at work can result in healthier, happier, and more productive employees. On the 29th, take a moment to appreciate your java of choice. Partake in the nationwide celebration by posting a photo of your mocha, French press, cold brew, double espresso shot, or a mug of classic drip coffee on social media with #NationalCoffeeDay in your caption.

Holiday Tipping: a Foolproof Guide by an Etiquette Expert

By |2018-10-11T14:55:13-05:00December 3rd, 2015|Global Tipping, Holiday Parties, Social Etiquette|

Among the many holiday customs we observe in the U.S., one is spending up a storm. This holiday season, U.S. consumers spent a reported $12.93 billion on Black Friday, and $16.2 billion on Small Business Saturday. On Cyber Monday 2015, a record $3.07 billion was spent online. But there’s another custom to factor into your holiday budget: tipping.

International Etiquette: Global Tipping in India

By |2018-10-11T14:55:15-05:00June 23rd, 2015|Global Etiquette, Global Tipping, India, International Travel Tips|

In our last blog post, we explored international etiquette and the trends in global tipping. A survey conducted by MasterCard Worldwide explored the tipping practices in 14 Asian countries. As global tipping practices continue to evolve, it’s especially interesting to note customs on the subcontinent of India. On her 2012 trip to southern India, my [...]

International Etiquette: Global Tipping

By |2018-10-11T14:55:15-05:00June 19th, 2015|Global Etiquette, Global Tipping, Houseguest Etiquette, International Travel Tips|

Take a peek at just about any global survey on tipping, and U.S. Americans are invariably at the top of the list. But when TripAdvisor shared the results of its tipping poll in June last year, they reported that even this varies dramatically among U.S. American tourists, with 97% saying they tipped for restaurant service, [...]

Holiday Thanking in Today’s Tight Times

By |2018-10-11T14:55:21-05:00December 15th, 2011|Global Tipping, International Holidays|

Black Friday weekend 2011 reported a record $52 billion spent by the US consumer. On Cyber Monday 2011, another $1 billion was spent online. But these numbers do not include all seasonal spending. In the US, we brought the ‘tipping’ custom to our shores from medieval England and Europe, and it is now a significant [...]

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