8 Tips to Avoid Grammar Blunders in Business Email

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8 Tips to Avoid Grammar Blunders in Business Email   By Sharon  Schweitzer   Whether writing to upper-level management or to a first-time client, crafting an error-free email can be tricky even for the most educated professionals. Certain grammar mistakes are all too common, while others are more subtle and harder to catch; however, any [...]

Seven Stellar Slovak Women

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Seven Stellar Slovak Women   By Sharon Schweitzer Continuing on the topic of Women's History Month, here is a glimpse of seven spectacular Slovak women that changed history.  Elena Marothy-Soltesova (the first feminist)-was a Slovak writer and editor. She was also a leading figure in the women's movement in Slovakia. She served as chair of [...]

Future of Languages Around World

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Future of Languages Around World By Polina Anastassieva Russian schools may introduce the study of Arabic and include it in the Unified State Examination. The head of Rosobrnadzor, Anzor Muzaev, said that the agency, together with the Ministry of Education, launched “the process of monitoring the demand for the Arabic language.” Officials are studying which [...]

3 Tips for Hurdling the Language Barrier without Technology

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Chef Michael by Sharon Schweitzer Recently I spent 3 weeks in France, where we spent 7 nights on an Abercrombie & Kent canal barge cruise. Our travels started in Paris and continued to Champagne. We then boarded a cruise to Beaune with dear ones celebrating a friend’s milestone birthday. One morning, [...]

International Translation Day

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Language Learner by Pixabay As we celebrate International Translation Day on September 30th, we also highlight the 2018 theme, Translation, as chosen by the International Federation of Translators (FIT). In their description, translation promotes cultural heritage in changing times. This includes intangible cultural heritage, described by UNESCO as knowledge, beliefs, and [...]

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