Picturesque Pyeongchang: Cultural Wonders for Travelers

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Every four years, sports enthusiasts and globetrotters head north to witness world-class athletes compete in the spectacular Winter games. In February 2018, the historic games will take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea, a small province nestled in the heart of the Taebaek Mountains. The region’s snowy slopes and pristine scenery are not only the perfect [...]

Keeping Up in Korea: 2018 Travel Tips

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  From speed skating to Alpine skiing, the Winter Games offer chills and thrills for spectators worldwide. The year’s games will take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and thousands of sports enthusiasts are gearing up to witness the competition in early February. With so many nationalities represented in the games and in the stands, cultural [...]

Arabic in the 2018 Business World: Three Reasons to Learn Arabic

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The U.N. Arabic Language Day is celebrated on Dec. 18 every year, the following 3 reasons will not only inform you, but encourage you to consider learning Arabic in 2018.

A Travel Guide for Appropriate Road Trip Behavior

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Many of our readers have asked about ways to prepare for long-distance road trips and proper vehicle behavior for being a good roadtrip passenger. Wherever your holiday travels may take you, implement the following 6 tips to be the best travel buddy.

3 Tips for Eco-Friendly Gift Giving

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When planning this year’s holiday gifts, consider your environmental impact, here are 3 tips to help you soften this blow on Mother Nature without having to sacrifice your gifting aesthetics.

Short and Sweet Reads to Enlighten Your Travels Abroad

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Engage your mind on long haul flights. Spice up your travel with any one of these five insightful books to enhance your travel and cultural knowledge worldwide.

Four Simple Ways to Protect Your Phone from Hackers

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Cybersecurity is a serious issue that threatens personal data as well as national security. Implement these four steps to protect yourself from outsiders hacking into your phone.

Love Your Translator: How Translation Can Boost Your Business

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When conducting business abroad, breaking the language barrier takes time, commitment, and intercultural competence. To ensure that nothing is left unsaid or lost in translation, consider hiring a professional translator to facilitate successful cross-cultural exchange.

World Tourism Day: Making the Most of International Experiences

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With so many destinations offering diverse cultural experiences, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for making the most of international trips. Nevertheless, ensuring that you travel with an open mind and a desire to grow is the most important part of any itinerary. In honor of World Tourism Day on September 27, enjoy these four tips to maximize your cultural immersion and create lifelong memories.

The Places You’ll Go: Preparing for Study Abroad Culture Tips

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Although the prospect of starting a new chapter in an unfamiliar location may be daunting for many, the school is there to support you during your journey. For those preparing for a semester abroad, follow these 4 tips for a smooth and successful journey!

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