Celebrating Women’s History Month: United States Quiz

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PhotoCredit: Library of Congress Margaret Chase Smith at her swearing in ceremony with Speaker William Bankhead, and Rep. James C. Oliver Women's History Month occurs annually from March 1-31, to commemorate and encourage the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in U.S. American history. The theme in 2021 is Valiant Women [...]

Quiz: What your friends want you to know about Presidents’ Day in the U.S

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  Four Former Presidents by Whitehouse.gov If you are living and working in the U.S.A., it’s important to know about our national holidays. When we visit other countries, it is always fascinating to learn about other cultures. In the U.S., Presidents’ Day was originally known as Washington Day and celebrated on February 22 [...]

July 4th U.S. Culture Quiz

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Fireworks detonate above Mount Rushmore National Memorial, July 3. Approximately 30,000 people came to the memorial for the Independence Day Celebration. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Marc I. Lane) From launching fireworks, to poolside fun, and firing-up the grill with family, the Fourth of July is filled with beloved traditions for [...]

U.S. Memorial Day Culture Quiz 2018

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As wildflowers burst into bloom and the temperatures warm up, U.S. Americans prepare to celebrate an important holiday in U.S. culture, Memorial Day. While many look forward to this holiday as it represents the start of summer and a three-day weekend, do you know the true meaning, culture, and history of Memorial Day? Find out [...]

Fourth of July Quiz

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It's the most exciting day of the year. Wear red, white, and blue, fire up the grill, and launch all the fireworks you can because it's Independence Day. Amidst all the excitement, how much do you know about the historical origins of this great US American day? Use this quiz to see how patriotic you and your friends really are. Answers can be found below the bio.

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Australia Quiz

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Australia not only has beautiful scenery and beaches but also brilliant, independent women that have changed history.

Why Presidents’ Day Is Important to Your U.S. American Colleagues: Quiz

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In U.S. culture, this is a popular 3-day weekend to enjoy the nation’s historic landmarks, parks, and waters. Enjoy this U.S. quiz with your with family and friends, or traveling companions this weekend:

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