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6 Colombian Christmas Customs shared by a Colombian Millennial

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Handmade Hammocks from Villa de Leyva, Colombia by Sophie Echeverry Today we are delighted to feature Sophie Echeverry, a guest blogger living and working in the U.S.A. who is from Bogota, Colombia.    As a Colombian, I cherish Christmas customs from my home country. I have celebrated 21 of my 22 Christmases [...]

Celebrating Tribes at Powwows

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In Austin, Texas a powwow occurred on November 4, 2017 and our intern Esther Sanchez attended. Here she shares her observations and we share cultural insight.

Evolution of Celebrating Native Americans

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6 ways to honor Native American Heritage

Honoring Indigenous Peoples

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In the United States, Alaska, Hawaii, South Dakota, and a few other states are hosting celebrations of Indigenous Peoples Day in place of Columbus Day as an apology for colonization and to make amends. Meanwhile, other countries will celebrate the day European and Spanish colonists met the Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples in North and South America.

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