12 Lucky Wedding Traditions for Around the World

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Whether you’ve planned a traditional June ceremony, a winter wedding, or are taking your chances with a July matrimony, consider one of these traditions for a stroke of luck on your special day!

An Issue on the Rise – World Population Day

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Working together to provide a safe and sustainable future for posterity is essential for managing and resolving issues related to population.

Celebrating Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Day

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Handover Day is also a time of social activism, with thousands of citizens gathering to rally for their rights. Originally organized by the Civil Human Rights Front, the causes behind this yearly march have been numerous, but the overarching theme is universal suffrage.

How Father’s Day is Celebrated Around the World

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As U.S. Americans prepare to honor fathers, father-figures, and male role-models; we share the unique traditions of 10 countries celebrating in different months

5 Daydream Worth Spots: Celebrating National Tourism Week

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In honor of National Tourism Week, May 7-13, we share travel tips for the 5 most visited destinations in 2016.

Celebrating World Day of Muslim Culture, Peace, Dialogue and Film

By |2018-10-11T14:54:56-05:00March 10th, 2017|Asia, Bridging the Cultural Divide, Cross-Cultural, Global Celebrations, Global Traditions, Gulf City, Middle East, Middle East Culture, Morocco, Muslim Culture and Traditions|

March 11 will mark seven year recognition of World Day of Muslim Culture, Peace, Dialogue and Film created by writer-producer Javaid Mohammed.

St. Patrick’s Day Traditions Around the World

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Today, there are hundreds of celebrations held around the world in the spirit of conviviality and Irish tradition. Learn more about how world cultures have come to celebrate this festive holiday.

Dubai: 3 Cross Cultural Tips for Business Success

By |2018-10-11T14:54:57-05:00February 14th, 2017|Asia, Business Etiquette, Cross-Cultural, Cross-Cultural Tips for Doing Business in, Gulf City, International Protocol, Middle East|

Immersing yourself in diversity is a large part of what makes Dubai phenomenal; however, this aspect makes it challenging to comprehend the native, local Emirati cultural norms and pragmatics.

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