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International Olympic Day

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International Olympic Day   By Sharon Schweitzer   In 1947, a member of the International Olympics Committee in Czechoslovakia, Dr. Josef Gruss, presented a report about World Olympic Day in Stockholm. Later in the 42nd I.O.C. Session at St Moritz in January 1948, the idea for Olympic Day was adopted. With mutual consultation, June 23rd [...]

International Yoga Day: 5 Modern Yoga Manners

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Whether you practice Eastern or Western yoga, consider these 5 tips to help you and fellow yogis achieve ananda (bliss).

2017 Modern Gym Manners: 8 Etiquette Tips for Your Workout

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The “new year, new you” gym mantra is everywhere, and people are ready to take on healthy habits and gain fitness finesse. For those of you hitting the gym, here are tips to help make 2017 your best year of wellness:

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