Canadian Thanksgiving

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Alberta, Canada by Pexels Oh, sweet Canada! So sweet, people know you as the the land of Maple Syrup. Famous for its beautiful scenery, warm hearted people, spectacular ski slopes, and freezing cold winters. Canada is a culturally diverse country that shares English and French traditions, the best of both worlds. Although [...]

All Your Canadian Boxing Day Questions Answered

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The day after Christmas, December 26th, is an annual holiday known as “Boxing Day” celebrated in several countries in the British Commonwealth.

Thanksgiving in Canada

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For Canadians, Thanksgiving has a different story. If you’re traveling to Canada this fall, learn about these 5 characteristics of Canadian Thanksgiving.

World Tourism Day: Making the Most of International Experiences

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With so many destinations offering diverse cultural experiences, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for making the most of international trips. Nevertheless, ensuring that you travel with an open mind and a desire to grow is the most important part of any itinerary. In honor of World Tourism Day on September 27, enjoy these four tips to maximize your cultural immersion and create lifelong memories.

International Dining Etiquette Tips

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Each culture has their own unspoken dining etiquette rules. Before making reservations in Ravenna or dining in Dubai, read these tips for a successful international dining experience!

Canada’s Etiquette Guy at Finding Your Passion at 50

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Today’s blog post is from my colleague and friend Jay Remer, known internationally as the Etiquette Guy. Jay resides in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada and is the creator of the Six Pillars of Civility. Jay is full of insight and new perspectives (you can follow @etiquetteguy on Twitter), so enjoy his latest insight on finding [...]

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Guest Blog Post by Jay Remer, “The Etiquette Guy” – The Second Interview

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It is my pleasure to welcome my well respected Canadian colleague Jay Remer, also known as “Etiquette Guy.”  Jay offices in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. Today, Jay shares his thoughts with us on tips for Second Interviews: Preparing for a first interview for employment, college placement, or a position on a board of directors [...]

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