Holiday Etiquette

Office Holiday Party Do’s & Don’ts

By |2018-10-11T14:55:02-05:00November 21st, 2016|Business Etiquette, Holiday Parties, Holiday Season, Lifestyle, Social Etiquette, Workplace Etiquette|

Every winter, business owners host formal and sometimes elaborate holiday parties. At the very least, excess celebration and etiquette mistakes can become fodder for next day stories and eventually legend for future parties.

Holiday Tipping Guide

By |2018-10-11T14:55:03-05:00November 7th, 2016|Business Etiquette, Culture, Holiday Parties, Lifestyle|

In U.S. culture, the time between Thanksgiving and New Year is when U.S. Americans choose to express their gratitude with a ‘gratuity’ or holiday tip. Remember the reason for the tip is to show gratitude, thanking loyal and trusted employees, service providers, and family caregivers. There is no hard and fast rule about [...]

Guide to Hosting an Elegant Thanksgiving Dinner

By |2018-10-11T14:55:03-05:00November 3rd, 2016|Gracious Living, Holiday Parties, Lifestyle, Modern Manners, United States|

Thanksgiving is a time for expressing gratitude for our blessings. Consider these ten expert tips on hosting a memorable meal and toss your jitters out the window! Accommodating Guest Diet Needs: Guests understand their restricted-diet needs better than anyone else, and can best prepare meals in their own allergen free kitchen. Hosts aren’t [...]

Modern Halloween Manners: 10 Trick or Treat Etiquette Tips

By |2018-10-11T14:55:05-05:00October 20th, 2016|Lifestyle, Modern Manners, Social Etiquette, Workplace Etiquette|

It’s that time of year for carving pumpkins, and for our ghosts and goblins to go trick or treating. As Halloween approaches, consider these modern manners tips: Safety: Younger children should wear reflective and light-up glow gear; and be accompanied by parents or a designated chaperone. Older children should trick or treat as [...]

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