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Corporate Etiquette: Business Card Protocol 2011

Corporate Etiquette: Business Card Protocol Primer

*Handing a business card to a potential customer or client should be done in a way that allows the recipient to receive the card with the print facing them. Be sure your card is clean, and crisp so they remember your name.

*Be sure to carry clean, up-to-date business cards without handwriting.  Refrain from writing on the face of a business card for numerous reasons of civility.

*When handling business cards in the United States, use the right-hand or both hands, to present the card. Avoid using your left hand to present a business card. Keep your right hand free at at times for handshaking and presenting cards.

*Use a business card case to keep cards clean and crisp!

*When receiving a business card, do not receive it with your left hand, or place it in your rear pocket or wallet. Receive it with your right hand or both hands, and take a moment to look at the card, and ask a question. For more about business card protocol, contact Sharon at 512.306.1845.

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