Photo by Katerina Holmes

By Sharon Schweitzer

As a parent, it can be tough to see our children head out to yet another year. Regardless of where we are in the process, the struggle is real. Parents, it is time to brush up on your social graces when your student steps back into the classroom.

  1. Remember safety first. Read and follow the school’s security protocol. Review these with your child and reinforce specifics, such as avoid propping doors and windows open. Comply with badge and visitor procedures.
  2. As a visitor, follow the school’s visiting procedures. Check in with security or the front desk and use sign-in tablets. Inquire about volunteer requirements.
  3. Ask administrators, teachers, and staff what would be helpful in terms of support. Avoid making assumptions about classroom volunteering.
  4. Build cross-cultural relationships by establishing trust with other parents and role models. Be patient and flexible.
  5. Follow the school’s problem-solving procedures.
  6. Respect the professionalism of the trained teachers.
  7. Avoid gossiping about others on social media or face-to-face.
  8. Build healthy home and study routines for the academic year.
  9. Create healthy diversions to occupy your time if needed. Avoid developing an unhealthy obsession with school related projects.
  10. Consider afterschool programs and confirm academic calendars.


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