Annually on October 14, World Standards Day is celebrated to honor the teamwork and group efforts of thousands of experts who develop voluntary technical agreements that become global published standards. The IEC, ISO, and ITU annual celebration emphasizes global standardization in the world economy, assisting the needs of business, government and consumers to elevate the quality of life for its citizens.

World Standards Day has been celebrated through various conferences, exhibitions, and seminars since the 1970s. There is also a “World Standards Week” where events occur annually the week of October 14.

This year’s theme is “Standards Make Cities Smarter.” If you want to participate in events that celebrate World Standards Day, here are four fun activities you can engage in to make your mid-October more enjoyable.

  1. Educate yourself and others: Learn about how World Standards Day began by reading about the annual celebration. Try to understand why organizations such as the international electrotechnical commission, international organization for standardization and international telecommunication union participate in the following day. This year, the focus is providing a safe and accessible environment for cities worldwide. Universal access to fresh water, clean energy, and safe traveling are some examples that establish a high-quality of life for citizens. Brainstorm actions your city can take to implement these goals by contacting your local congressperson to participate in the conversation.
  2. Expand your creativity: One way to expand your creative side is to participate in competitions for World Standards Day. There are poster and video contests for this year’s theme, “Standards Make Cities Smarter” in which you can participate. Visually appealing posters and videos will be chosen to represent the annual celebration. Once the judges select their top 10 favorites, the final round will beposted for a public vote on social media channels.
  3. Engage in the conversation on social media: Find others who are pumped to celebrate World Standards Day through social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can find them by typing #WorldStandardsDay2017 to see what the people think of the celebration and to catch-up on any interesting news. Utilize social media to stay in the loop about the annual celebration. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and interact with other users. Retweet and respond to others interested in your content.
  4. Book a plane ticket: There are various events to attend if you happen to be in Washington, D.C. during World Standards Day. Book a plane or train ticket if you want the full experience. Events vary from joint meetings with the American National Standards Institute National Policy Committee, ANSI and SPRING Singapore services conference, annual business meeting luncheon and the U.S. celebration of World Standards Day 2017.

Understanding the impact of World Standards Day can promote intelligent conversations with your close colleagues and friends. Learn about the annual celebration to see how you can help your city become more efficient and effective.

Sharon Schweitzer and Sunny Kim co-wrote this post. Sharon Schweitzer, J.D., is an award-winning entrepreneur, cross-cultural trainer, and the founder of Access to Culture. In addition to her accreditation in intercultural management from the HOFSTEDE Centre, she serves as a Chinese Ceremonial Dining Etiquette Specialist in the documentary series Confucius was a Foodie, on Nat Geo People. She is regularly quoted by BBC Capital, Investor’s Business Daily, and Fortune. Her Amazon #1 Best Selling book in International Business, Access to Asia: Your Multicultural Business Guide, (3rd printing), was named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2015. She’s a winner of the British Airways International Trade Award at the 2016 Greater Austin Business Awards.

Sunny Kim is a Fall 2017 Cross-Cultural Communication intern with Access to Culture. She is currently a junior journalism student at the University of Texas at Austin with a minor in Korean language and certificate in business. She is also the founder and president of UT Asian American Journalists Association. Her main focus is storytelling people’s diverse experiences relating to race and culture. Connect with her on Linkedin

Photo by: Pxhere