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Tea Etiquette, Part 1

As the cold weather continues, our thoughts turn to a nice, hot cup of tea. This is the first part of a two part series on Tea Etiquette. Tea became popular thousands of years ago. Although there is no known date for the discovery of

Workplace Etiquette, Part II

As promised, I present to you the final 4 tips on Workplace Etiquette that I outlined in a recent article for NSIDE Austin Business Magazine. Don’t be the one responsible for leftover cod and curried peas at your next working session! 1. Handle Problems &

Workplace Etiquette, Part I

Below is the first of two parts of an article I recently contributed to NSIDE Austin Business Magazine: The office was humming quietly. Our team was working diligently toward the deadline. It was getting late, but we were determined not to let the ever-growing task