Sharon Schweitzer presenting at U.S. Grand Prix Business Preparedness Workshop. Jim Innes photo

How well prepared are you for traveling abroad to negotiate in business meetings or dine with international guests? Whether you’re heading to Singapore or Sydney, or welcoming international guests to your hometown, it’s essential to understand how communication styles, social etiquette and even current events can impact business relationships.

Through our cross-cultural and international communication training, we’ll help prepare your organization for traveling abroad or hosting international delegations in the U.S. Here’s a snapshot of what we cover:

Two Day Training (Recommended)

  • Self Awareness: Your Own Country
  • Self Awareness: Personal Cultural Bias & Behaviors
  • The Destination Country Culture
  • Exploring Culture Components
  • Cross-Cultural Best Practices
  • Exploration of Key Business Concerns
  • Culture Quiz
  • Interactive Culture Exercises, Role Plays and Simulations
  • Intercultural Communication Methods & Tools
  • Country Briefing
  • Dos & Taboos

One Day Training (A Crash Course)

  • Self Awareness: Your Own Country
  • Self Awareness: Personal Cultural Bias & Behaviors
  • The Destination Country Culture
  • Exploring Culture Components
  • Culture Quiz
  • Dos and Taboos

Sharon Schweitzer in Beijing, China w/ Madame Nie Meisheng. Sharon’s photo

Cross-Cultural & Intercultural Training

Employees who have the skills to operate fluidly across cultures are more successful in global business. We provide:

  • Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Training for Employees, Expatriates, Foreign Assignees
  • Global Management Training
    – Working Globally
    – Regional & Country Business Briefings
    – Building Intercultural Competence
  • Profile & Assessment Tools & Inventories
    – Employee Development & Selection

Global Talent Management

Developing and nurturing company talent is crucial in our dynamic world economy. We can boost your efforts with:

  • Global Leadership Assessment
  • Global Team Building
  • Global Competency Inventory
    – Employee Development
    – Consulting

Leadership & Sales Team Trainings

When meeting with international leaders or negotiating a major deal, it’s critical to understand the nuances of effective communication. That’s why for your leadership team and marketing and sales personnel, we recommend the following core trainings:

Global Leadership:

Immerse your executive team in a customized coaching experience that will empower them to lead and train teams across the world. Executives will also learn how to effectively manage global customer relationships and build skills in areas such as:

  • Global Competency Inventory
  • Effective Communication & Training Skills
  • International Negotiation Skills
  • Global Collaboration Strategies

International Marketing & Relationships:

Reaching international customers and prospects requires a different communication skill set and a variety of sales styles; different than a customer in the same city. Learn how to navigate these conversations and become a successful global marketer. During this training we’ll cover:

  • Global Competency Inventory
  • Cross-Cultural Sales and Marketing Training
  • Global Sales Coaching
  • Multi-Cultural Customer Service
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Country & Regional Briefings
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