international-flagsDo you know how to properly share your business card with a Japanese customer or the protocol for negotiating a contract in Singapore? Protocol awareness and personal diplomacy are crucial skills when traveling internationally and international etiquette is crucial when communicating, negotiating and socializing in the international marketplace.

This interactive workshop trains professionals to stand out in a global economy that demands mental flexibility and awareness. Put such practices into action:

  • Etiquette & Protocol Intelligence
  • First Impressions
  • Rank and Status Awareness
  • International Business Card Protocol
  • Global Business Customs & Terminology
  • Electronic Communications
  • Global Business Introductions
  • Gestures to Avoid
  • Forms of Address
  • Eye Signals and Eye Contact
  • Professional Handshakes
  • Global Communications Styles
  • Global Conversation Skills
  • Gift Giving Protocol
  • Cultural Awareness
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