Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination. ~ Voltaire

Do you want to avoid those awkward moments on Valentine’s Day? Keep a few thoughts in mind as you prepare. Fresh flower purchases still rank number one, capturing 36% of holiday transactions. While men buy mostly for romantic reasons, women use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to show they care to mothers, daughters and friends, as well as their sweethearts. Women even treat themselves to Valentine’s Day. If you are cooking on Valentine’s Day, six sexy foods for consideration on the menu include almonds, asparagus, avocados, figs, oysters, and chocolate! Think about these dos and don’ts for love at any stage of the game:

  1. Do make a dinner reservation for February 14. Plan ahead. Call the restaurant and speak to the hostess, or make a booking on Plan to go to dinner with a date or friends.
  2. Do discuss Valentine’s Day in advance.  Bring up the topic of Valentine’s Day with your spouse or the person you are dating. Be prepared to compromise if you have differing views of the holiday.
  3. Don’t wait until the last minute. Avoid waiting until the week before to ask your date out. If you have feelings for that special someone, ask him or her at least 10 days to 2 weeks in advance. Avoid procrastination.
  4. Do extend the valentine invitation in person or over the phone. Avoid sending an email or text message when asking your valentine out on this special day!  Personal invitations are best.
  5. Do bring flowers. Flowers are a time honored tradition. Unless you know the recipient has an allergy, remember classic red roses represent passion and love, pink roses convey admiration, yellow roses express happiness and white roses send a message of friendship. If you can remember the recipient’s favorite flower, you are a star! Remember a single rose is also a beautiful statement as it is the thought that counts!
  6. Do accept invitations to Valentine’s celebrations. Enjoy events without a date, wear red and be open to the possibilities.
  7. Do brush up on your table manners.  Acknowledge the people you are with on February 14, and respect their time. Be sure that your credit card is up to date and below the limit. Nothing ruins a date faster than a decline on a card. Keep the cell phone on silent, and safely tucked out of sight. Remember to avoid looking at your cell phone as it conveys boredom to those in your presence
  8. Don’t go overboard with gifts. If you are still recovering from your December buying spree, remember a thoughtful card, a home-cooked meal and great conversation make a memorable Valentine’s evening.
  9. Do wish special friends Happy Valentine’s Day when you awaken! Send a text, voice mail or email and wish your circle Happy Valentine’s Day. If you have plans for the evening, let your date know that you are looking forward to the evening.

Valentine’s Day is for expressing passion to our loved ones. Take this opportunity to show your special ones how much you appreciate them.