mexico-cityIn Part One of this blog post on the wonderful Mexico City I outlined five things to think about before you leave for your business trip. In this second part, here are five practical and intercultural etiquette tips that will help smooth your visit after you have arrived:

  1. Getting There: Benito Juarez Airport is Mexico City’s main airport, located close to downtown. Only commissioned taxis are available there, so travelers must hire these services and pay their rates. However, this apparent restriction provides considerable safety for travelers carrying valuables, since all taxis and drivers represent well-established and trusted companies.
  2. Currency: ATMs are available everywhere and using them is more convenient than using exchange services that tend to impose high commissions. Just be cautious about using public ATMs, as you would in any large city.
  3. Traffic: As in any major city, traffic here is chaotic and unpredictable at peak hours. Plan ahead for delays when possible, and realize that even though your hosts may suggest a trip could take 45 minutes, it could take up to twice as long—or longer.
  4. Transportation: While taxis can be hailed in the street, it is safer to use radio-taxis booked over the phone. They will pick you up at an agreed location within 20 minutes and are likely to charge a fixed rate. Although more expensive, this is certainly the safer option, especially at night.
  5. Communication: Mexican businesspeople prefer to avoid overt disagreements. Instead of saying “no” they’ll often use “maybe” or “I’ll get back to you.” However, they not get back to you and this should be understood as an indirect rejection, or a negative response to a proposal.Photo credit: ©