Traveling across the globe, I have seen how fathers are celebrated cross-culturally, from handmade origami in Japan, to cards and gifts in the USA. I sat down with my summer intern Shannan Bloomstrand, Clemson University Student and International Health Major, to collaborate on ideas for spending time with dear Dad, this Father’s Day, June 19th.


Tired of getting your Dad a different tie every year? Looking for something more meaningful than a gift he may only use every couple of years? Well, look no further. Father’s day is a great opportunity to spend valuable time with your dad. Whether he is interested in extreme sports or enjoys quiet afternoons you can always find an activity.

If your father is like most, he says he does not need a gift or that there is nothing he really wants. While that may be true, it is important to show that you appreciate and respect him, or the men in your life who have helped raise you. Whether that be dad, grandpa, stepdad or your favorite uncle whom you so admire, spending quality time is the best gift.

Here are some tips for a fun & fresh father’s day:

For the active dad:

  • Surprise your dad with a round of golf at his favorite course, or take him to a new spot like Mini Golf or TopGolf.
  • Live near a body of water? Head to the bay, ocean, lake or stream with your dad and spend hours catching bass and trout.
  • If he is really adventurous offer to take him on a hike or pack up the gear and head out to the wilderness for a weekend camping trip.

For the creative dad:

  • Go see that new movie he has wanted to go to for weeks now. Want something a little more upscale then your basic theater? Check out some luxury movie theaters that offer more than just popcorn and nachos.
  • Explore a new site together. Whether it’s a museum, restaurant, park, somewhere neither of you have been before.
  • Attend a cooking class or school together. You can learn how to do cook, roast or bbq then enjoy a well-earned meal together.
  • Set up two blank canvases in the garage or yard and get to work! Splatter paints on the canvas with different colors for a fun night, while creating the next Picasso!

For the fun-loving dad:

  • Grab some tickets and take dad to the ball park or the arena. Sporting events are always a great way to pass the time.
  • Go to an amusement park together with the thrill seeker. There is plenty to do and a ton of fun to be had!
  • Live music is around every corner! Check out your local communities’ calendar for upcoming music on father’s day to rock out to.

For the helping-hand father:

  • If your father is passionate about a local or national nonprofit, go volunteer and see why he loves it so much. Plenty of charities need volunteers. Not only is this bonding time, but you will also feel good.
  • On a nice day, plant some new vegetables together in your garden. This is beneficial for both your relationship and your health.
  • Tackle a big project together (shed, fort, new deck). Anything unfinished on his “to-do list.” This can be a long term project that will keep you connected and working together for months.

So whether your dad is artistic or thrill seeking, there are plenty of activities and options for dad. Keep these ideas in mind to create a memorable father’s day that both you and your dad will cherish for years to come.

Shannan Bloomstrand is a Summer Intern with Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide. She is a senior Language and International Health major with an emphasis in Community Development and a minor in Biology at Clemson University. Feel free to connect with Shannan at or follow her on Twitter @shannanbloom.