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Back to School: Successful Living in Your College Dorm

By |2018-10-11T14:54:43-05:00September 6th, 2017|Gracious Living, Houseguest Etiquette, Lifestyle, Millennials, Modern Manners, Relationship Building, Relationships, Social Etiquette, University Students|

For those wishing to make the most of their dorm experience, keep these 8 leadership tips in mind for a successful semester.

The Places You’ll Go: Preparing for Study Abroad Culture Tips

By |2018-10-11T14:54:43-05:00August 28th, 2017|avoiding international blunders, Cross-Cultural, Cross-Cultural Tips for Doing Business in, Culture, global competency, Global Traditions, Gracious Living, Lifestyle, Millennials, Relationship Building, Relationships, Self-Awareness, Social Etiquette, United States, University Students|

Although the prospect of starting a new chapter in an unfamiliar location may be daunting for many, the school is there to support you during your journey. For those preparing for a semester abroad, follow these 4 tips for a smooth and successful journey!

Asking for References: 10 Tips for Young Professionals

By |2018-10-11T14:54:44-05:00August 8th, 2017|Business Etiquette, Career Tips, Millennials, Modern Manners, Office Culture, Relationship Building, TX Business Etiquette, University Students, Workplace Etiquette|

Whether you’re applying for your first internship or asking a professor to vouch for your research skills, these 10 tips will help you overcome the challenge of a sparse resume and obtain the references you need.

Back to School Success: University Etiquette Edition

By |2018-10-11T14:54:45-05:00August 7th, 2017|Business Etiquette, Career Tips, Gracious Living, Lifestyle, Millennials, Modern Manners, Networking, Office Culture, Social Etiquette, Technology/Gear, University Students|

Expand your knowledge and polish your professionalism while pursuing your degree. It all starts with the professor, so take advantage of the opportunity.

Easing Post-Grad Anxiety: 3 Tips for New Graduates

By |2018-10-11T14:54:51-05:00May 12th, 2017|Cross-Cultural, Culture, Gracious Living, Lifestyle, Millennials, Modern Manners, Networking, University Students|

Consider the following tips to give you a little peace of mind and ease your post-baccalaureate worries

3 Modern Manners Tips on How to be Financially Independent After Graduation

By |2018-10-11T14:54:51-05:00May 11th, 2017|Cross-Cultural, Culture, Gracious Living, Lifestyle, Millennials, Modern Manners, Networking, University Students|

With a worn cap and gown, and a diploma in hand, keep on adding to your success with proper financial management skills that will benefit you, both short and long-term!

The Enduring Beauty of International Friendships

By |2018-10-11T14:55:06-05:00September 23rd, 2016|Bridging the Cultural Divide, Cross-Cultural, France, International Travel Tips, Relationship Building, University Students|

There are countless joys of cultural immersion: learning a different language, finding yourself comfortable within your new surroundings, and making friends from a myriad of backgrounds.

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