Protocol Passport

Appropriate behavior is more than a nicety - it can make or break an important deal or strategic relationship. Company founder Sharon Schweitzer has worked with local businesses and FORTUNE 500 companies to ensure successful interactions.

BUSINESS ETIQUETTE: The Power of a Professional Advantage

According to Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Institute, 85% of job success is based on“soft skills” while only 15% is based on technical knowledge. 90% of a first impression is based on nonverbal skills.Whether business professionals are interacting in the boardroom, at the table, online or abroad, research shows that their success depends more heavily on “soft skills” rather than on technical knowledge. Savvy professionals know that there is a right way to interact with colleagues. Corporate Etiquette offers you the power of stress-free positive interactions by teaching the following skills:

  • Make a Memorable Entrance
  • Eye Contact
  • Etiquette Savvy
  • Soft Skills and Body Language Basics
  • Introducing Yourself and Your Business Colleagues
  • Proper Response to Business Introductions
  • Breaking into an Existing Conversation
  • Forms of Address
  • Learning to Remember Names
  • Business Card Protocol
  • 10 Types of Handshakes
  • Mastering a Professional Handshake
  • Mobile Phone Etiquette